Winnipeg to Take on Edmonton

No team took more points from the Winnipeg Jets during the regular season than the Edmonton Oilers as the two teams split five of a possible ten points in some high scoring games.  The Jets posted a 4.20 GAA against the Oilers, while they averaged 5.60 goals per game, so it will be interesting to see what type of game is played in this second round of the playoffs.


Joe Nieuwendyk led the offence during the five game regular season series collecting five goals and 12-points, while the back end had an explosion with eight points, including five goals from Dave Ellett with Al MacInnis contributing with six points.


While the Jets finished 22-points ahead of the Oilers in the regular season standings to take the Smythe Division title, that is all for naught as both teamís starts back at zero. 


This will be the first time since 1992 that the two teams will face each other in the playoffs, with the Winnipeg Jets taking down that series in five games.  Winnipeg hopes to continue their playoff success against the Edmonton Oilers as the two teams have faced off six times previous with Winnipeg winning five of those series.

1992: Winnipeg in five games (first round)
1990: Winnipeg in seven games (second round)
1987: Winnipeg in six games (second round)
1986: Edmonton in give games (second round)
1985: Winnipeg in six games (first round)
1983: Winnipeg in four games (first round)

An interesting stat is every single time the Winnipeg Jets have defeated the Edmonton Oilers in the playoffs, the Colorado Rockies have been waiting for their cousins in the next round.