Penguins Lose Seesaw Battle with Leafs. Barely Clinging To Final Playoff Spot. 

Playing against a team they're battling in the playoff hunt the Penguins came up short against Toronto. Here's the game recap;

In the 1st period, the Maple Leafs opened the scoring at 6:43 when Krushelynski scored his 13th of the season with a powerplay goal from Ihnacak and Dollas. Then at 11:27 the Leafs made it 2-0 when Skriko scored his 15th of the season from Mullen and Gilbert. That would be all the scoring in the 1st and the Penguins entered the 2nd trailing 2-0. 

In the 2nd period, the Penguins finally got on the board at 12:06 when Jagr scored his 30th of the season from Malakhov and Zalapski. Then at 19:00 the Penguins tied the game 2-2 when Lumme scored his 11th of the season from Smith and Donnelly. The teams would enter the 3rd tied 2-2.

In the 3rd period, the Penguins scored first at 5:02 when Malakhov scored his 11th of the season from Keskinen and Elynuik to make it 3-2. Then at 6:17 Shedden scored his 27th of the season for the Leafs to tie the game 3-3. Then less than a minute later at 7:08 the Leafs took the lead when Babych scored his 11th of the season from Skriko and Dirk. 

4-3 would be the final in this one as the Penguins were unable to find any more offence. Next up the Penguins will have a day of rest before playing the Tampa Bay Lightning in Tampa.