Flyers complete second blockbuster of the weekend

After acquiring Lyle Odelein from the Rangers, most assumed that the Flyers would be done making moves in the short-term.  What they missed was the waiver wire assignment of Brian Propp.  While it looked to be a salary drop, it was in fact the team freeing up salary so that they could make an upgrade on the wing. 

"We originally reached out to the Blues inquiring about Anton Stastny, but when we heard that St. Louis was looking to rebuild we inquired about starting goaltender Mike Richter. And the rest is history.  To be honest we really liked Marty Turco, and we still do.  But we had to make decisions on how we were going to prioritize long-term development of our prospects and we felt Richter was farther along.  Does that mean that we are looking to move Tommy?  No, it doesn't.  Does it mean we will flip Richter?  No, it doesn't either.  This provides us with the flexibility to have two starting goalies long term.  That in itself is worth 5-8 extra wins per season. And both goaltenders are signed long term which was an important factor here. With this deal, people are overlooking Stats. He's really going to be able to help our second line out and powerplay, which has struggled at times this year."  

Where does that leave Bob Froese?  The Flyers can't keep three goaltenders, can they? 

Trade Notes: 

A few teams have made preliminary overtures into Froese but the Flyers seem to content to wait for now.