Flyers make two trades 

It's been a busy few days in Philadelphia.  First, the Flyers traded for hard-nosed defender Lyle Odelein,  Moving out was a trio of youngsters:  Dmitri Yushkevich, Jim Campbell, and Mikael Renberg, along with a 1st round pick in this year's draft.  "It wasn't easy to say goodbye to those guys.  They all have big futures in this league. We just felt that there are few opportunities to get number one defensemen in this league.  When the opportunity came, we had to take.  To win in this league, you can't just have one number one defenseman.  You need two maybe even three.  And we see him and Sydor anchoring our blue-line for the next 5-10 years,"  responded the GM at the media press briefing. 

Later in the day, the team announced that it had shipped out a pair minor leaguers Chris Luongo and Yanick Dupre for cash.  This deal raised some eyebrows particularly from another GM who thought he was close to a deal.  "Yes, our wires may have gotten crossed. But when the Ducks accepted first, we had to make the deal.  We couldn't go back on our word.  We will make it up to that GM, if it makes sense for us.  That being said, there was no offer made either way.  So the other GM can't be that upset.  There was no offer.  However, we will work internally to clean up lines of communication."

As part of the move, the Flyers placed long term winger Brian Propp on waivers. "We really like Brian. This was a business decision and we his numbers didn't make sense any longer," said the GM.  The next day, Propp was claimed by the Ducks.   

Word on the street is that another big deal is on the horizon that would help the Flyers' top six scoring.  Stay tuned.