Flyers acquire two more

After making a move for Lyle Odelein, the Flyers weren't done.  They upgraded their scoring on the wings by making a deal for Anton Stastny. The brother of Flames legend Peter Stastny, Anton is a distinguished player in his own right.  He's reached the 70 point mark eight times, including two seasons of 90+ points. "He's a bona fide player and we feel he's going to help this team," said the GM, but really this discussion just sparked a bigger conversation which saw the Flyers land start netminder Mike Richter, who has bounced around between the Blues and Capitals the last few seasons.  "He's a player we've had our eye on for quite some time, dating back to before we acquired Tommy".   

With two potential number one goaltenders, where does that leave the team?  How does Barasso feel about it? Will he demand a trade out of town? "No, it's nothing like that. I don't see this as a challenge to me.  Granted, we aren't playing winning hockey right now, but things will fall into place. And realistically, I probably played a bit too much late last season, this will help me get down to a 60-62 game threshold instead of  playing too much and fatiguing myself in the playoffs," responded Tom Barasso when asked about the trade.  

Trade Talks: 

Are the Flyers done trading?  Probably for the next few games. They'd like to get their lines in place, develop some chemistry and go from there. 

What about Bob Froese?  Is he odd man out?  Will he get traded?  Insiders say the team is in no rush to move him and the price is starting at 1st round pick / or equivalent prospect. 

Bubba Smith Sr.

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