Lidstrom on the Move?

Rumors have been swirling hours after the New York Rangers traded Lyle Odelein to the Philadelphia Flyers that Nicklas Lidstrom would be the next player shipped out. While the Rangers have not said that they are actively shopping Lidstrom, it has been confirmed that multiple teams have reached out about him. There are definitely a number of teams in the NFHL that have the assets to acquire a player of Lidstromís caliber, but are those teams willing part with the necessary pieces? The likely answer is no. The Rangers are still taking flack for their trade of Mario Lemieux several seasons ago, so they will need even more than Lidstrom is worth in order to move him. Another factor is that most teams try to lowball and get talent without giving up equal, or near equal, value. Chances are it will be very clear from the start if the Rangers and another team are close in their valuation of Lidstrom, and what the other team will have to give up to get him. It will be a complete shock if any team is willing to give up the assets necessary, and thatís assuming he is even available.