Endorsement Review

With the season over and the New York Rangers out of the playoffs itís time to focus on the off-season. A key part to any teamís success is making money, and one way for teams to do that is through endorsements. Below is a list of the Rangersí endorsements and how they fared this season.

ESPN Radio - Local radio will pay to broadcast your games. Teams must produce a minimum of 15 PRs during the regular season (American teams only).

This was an easy one for the Rangers to hit as they had well over 15 press releases during the season. That means the Rangers will be rewarded with $2.0 million when endorsements are paid out.

Comcast Sportsnet - American regional TV pays to broadcast your games.

The Rangers were one of three teams to sign up for this one. Nothing to do on the Rangers end meaning they earned an easy $750,000.

Coca Cola - Will provide refreshments to your arena.

-          The Rangers sold out every home game this season and will earn just over a million from this endorsement.

American Airlines - Team must have a player finish with 70+ points.

Nicklas Lidstrom did the heavy lifting for this endorsement. He finished with 85 points. Due to Lidstromís terrific season the Rangers will get $1.5 million.