McEachern on the Block

Shawn McEachern is a 25-year-old two-way forward who is currently on the New York Ranger's pro team. He has terrific top end speed and great hands. He needs to improve his passing and scoring to become a true offensive threat that opposing teams will need to focus on. The biggest issue is finding the right home for him. He needs a team that will put in a little effort with his development. Right now, he just does not fit into the plans for the Rangers who have Vyacheslav Kozlov, a younger and promising center. In an ideal world, the Rangers will package McEachern with other pieces to acquire a solid prospect. Another option would be swapping him for a similar player. There has been a little bit of interest from some teams but nobody is biting just yet. Considering there is still so much time until the deadline, teams might hesitate to pull the trigger. It would be quite surprising if McEachern is still a Ranger come post trade deadline.