Blues Blank Rangers

The New York Rangers were off last night, which allowed them to tend to their wounds and bruised egos, if they still have them. Two nights ago, in game 165 of this season, the Rangers were shutout 5-0 by the St. Louis Blues. The Blues are not exactly a powerhouse when it comes to wins, only 3 on the year, but they are certainly more talented than the Rangers. The Blues are a team trying to decide if they are rebuilding or contending, but they clearly decided to contend against the Rangers. The Blues jumped out to an early 2-0 lead after the 1st period and never looked back. They added 3 more goals, 2 by Mullen, in the 2nd period and that was the game. Nothing happened in the 3rd period save for a handful of penalties. The Rangers will look to be more competitive in their next game against the Pittsburgh Penguins who currently sit in 7th place in the Wales Conference. The Penguins should overpower the Rangers with ease considering all the talent they possess.