Zezel's Rapid Fire Shorties Bring Down a Titan

The Devils 14 game home stand continued against the Columbus Blue Jackets Née Maple Leafs.  One could excuse the Devils coming in a little tired after a hard fought tie against the Canucks and missing key player, Murray Craven, but the Devils not only had a little extra in their step but came out with what may be their best win of the year so far.

"You always get a little bit of extra energy when the competition is as good as the Blue Jackets are," Devils captain, Peter Zezel, offered after the game, "and to have the chance to end a win streak as long as that is even more incentive."

And Zezel was instrumental in ending that 12 game unbeaten streak. Coming into the 3rd period it was all knotted up at two before Zezel scored twice, shorthanded (!), within 10 seconds to completely take the wind out of the visiting team. The Devils would score again less than 2 minutes later but by then it hardly seemed to matter.

"When you are 0-3 on the powerplay, its always exciting to see the key offense come off a PK like that," coach O'Reilly beamed to the press post game, "People thought that when we picked up Laurie in the offseason that it might even mean Zezel would lose the C or even be traded. That was not even considered, this is Peter's team and he has been our rock through a long rebuild, and tonight you see why we put that faith in him."