Ojanen Secures Endorsement for the Islanders

(AP) Uniondale, NY - In a season bereft of much to celebrate, Janne Ojanen helped the Isles pad the bottom line by scoring his 3rd shorthanded goal of the season.  This entitles the team to collect $1M from Chase Bank, and if not for misguided management in Anaheim, the purse would have doubled.  However, after years of running hot, any amount is welcome to help the team spend more loosely on player development, arena expansion, and free agency in the future.

The team has some work to do to collect on additional endorsement money this season. They’re just barely above the 95% attendance threshold, and the PR machine needs to keep their fans abreast of future plans.  Expect to hear more on that in the coming days and weeks. Despite the team’s overall play this season, there have been quite a few reasons to be excited about the direction of the team.