Canadiens make trades that improve both present and future


Habs fans that followed from Calgary were surprised this week to see the franchise re-acquire one of its past stars.  The Habs sent some cash to its brotherly rivals the Canucks to bring back forward Tim Sweeney to the franchise. 


Sweeney was traded to Vancouver last season along with Calgary/Montrealís 1996 2nd rounder for Stephane Quintal.  Sweeney played 8 games for Vancouver, scoring 4 points, while Quintal played 47 games for Calgary scoring 15 points.  Quintal is projected to be in the top 6 this season while Sweeney will likely man the top line in the farm club again. Sweeney had 79 points in 74 games last year in the minors.


The Habs then made the deal it failed to make at draft night in LA when they moved the Vancouver 1996 1st rounder and Florida 1996 1st rounder to St. Louis in exchange for the Blues 1995 1st rounder.  Management believes St Louis will draft higher in 95 than Vancouver or Florida will in 96 and the 1995 draft seems to be a tad stronger than 96 although both draft years seem questionable.


-The Montreal Gazette