In Minnesota's first 16 games, the North Stars have put up a very respectable 9-6-1 record and an impressive 6-3 record at home.  Where in the past, they have had issues exciting the crowd, the emergence of Dmitri Khristich this year as the most consistent North Stars player has the fans on their feet. He has vaulted his game and his play and stats are showing it as he currently sits 4th in the league in scoring with a very impressive +15 rating, as well. 

With the division and conference all competing at a high level, it just shows even more how important Khristich is to the North Stars this year.  Everyone knew that the top 4 teams in the Campbell Conference would have great years but I don't think a lot expected that the bottom 4 teams would also have impressive starts as well.  Even the Kings, whom have had a lock on the 4th or 5th spot in the conference for years, currently sit 9th in the conference but have a .500 record, which just shows just how deep and talented the Campbell Conference is when compared to the rival Wales Conference.  The Wales Conference bottom 4 teams of teams in a playoff position sit at a .500 record or worse, with the expansion Tampa Bay Lightning knocking on the door to making the playoffs in their 1st year.  It just shows how much can change in one year when a expansion team makes the playoffs and a Shane Matheson team sits on the outside looking in!!

Stay tuned