The Chicago Blackhawks are still several seasons from being a contender in the Norris Division. Tonigh,t they will host the most dominant franchise to ever lace them up. Forward Steve Yzerman was taking a few like rushes with his old line mates in Larionov and Hull. When he came off the ice, he had a quick chat with members of the media. Yzerman said, “I don’t think coach was looking to make any changes. Keeping some sort of chemistry with the boys is good all around. I feel our top 6 is as good as you can find. Not only that, we can skate in any combination coach wants”.


Head Coach Andre Savard was next with the media. His explanation of the line rushes was this, “I’ve seen something with Steve that I wanted to correct. Nothing major. But something I think will take him to the next level in his playmaking ability”.


I’m a sense, Yzerman is underperforming compared to his career averages. With 8 points through the first 13 games Yzerman knows there’s plenty of room for improvement. He added, “I’m getting the looks. My shots are right around where I’d expect them to be. But 5 goals isn’t enough for me. I’m counted on to produce offensively. I will stay positive and keep working. Eventually things should figure themselves out”.


The Rockies are 11-0-2 to start the season. The Hawks find themselves pretty well at the opposite end of the spectrum. Sitting 1-10-1, Chicago has little to no hope of the playoffs this season. With the wealth of high quality prospects in the pipeline it may not be long before they are knocking on the door.


GM Mike Smith said, “It would be fun to see the Hawks relevant again. Minion is excited to get those guys climbing the standings but maybe he’s rushed it a bit. I think it’s a good move to bring up that Russian kid tendy. See what he’s made of. We’ve heard all the talk. This guy could be the next Roy or Hasek”.