Colorado continued their winning ways, bringing home a 5-3 victory against the new-look Flyers. Head Coach Andre Savard said, "They've made some significant moves this week. I am not surprised the chemistry is not there yet. The wins will come. They will be a tough team to beat once it gets sorted out".


Philly boasts two major swaps this week that should continue to push the needle in the Wales to their favour. But right for now their sub-.500 record is nothing to brag about. GM Mike Smith commented, "I think Simon (GM Hoggett) is doing what he thinks is best for the club. As with all managers... its our job. I think that team needs more than the vet forwards they added. He and I were close to getting something done that would have propelled them past any other team in that conference. But some GM's don't want to swing for the fence. They'd rather bunt and sacrifice fly themselves around the bases. That's their prerogative".


The game itself wasn't nearly as close as the scoreboard would tell you. Colorado was up 5-1 halfway thru the 3rd period when Philly would notch a couple in garbage time. Peter Stastny continues his torrid pace as he fights to claim the all-time spot in career points over Darryl Sittler. The Rockies dominated the 3 Stars with Anatoli Semenov named top dog. Semenov said, "I know my role and I want to produce. If I get the opportunity, I am going to show that I am more than capable of playing at a high level. Tonight, I got my chance". Semenov finished with one goal (game winner on the PP) and two assists in only 8 minutes of ice time. 


Colorado is now undefeated through 10 games and will take their show on the road as they face another team with an impressive streak of their own. The New York Rangers are winless through 10 games and are sizeable underdogs coming up. Savard finished, "These are games that we must prepare for mentally. The game should take care of itself if we show up mentally. No question."