“I’d have to say I’m disappointed that we aren’t in control of the outcome,” said Rockies GM Mike Smith during a media presser prior to the Rockies morning skate on Tuesday. Smith continued, “I think there has been several seasons where we’ve skated to such a cushion that we didn’t really need to worry about these games down the stretch. Well, we are here now. Maybe it’s some growing pains or a lesson to be learned. Either way, I don’t think I enjoy not having control over our future”.


The Rockies will have two days off before heading to Winnipeg in what is likely the biggest game between the two clubs outside of a postseason series. The Rockies are a point up on the Jets but give a game in hand. Tonight, the Jets will square off against the Los Angeles Kings to have the opportunity to leap frog Colorado in the Campbell.


Smith finished, “The Jets have been second fiddle to us for a long time. Probably too long in the eyes of their GM and fan base. The Boys need to sharpen up and understand how important the top seed is in this next playoff run. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or a burger flipper from Louisiana, to see how it all breaks down.


Go Kings Go