"No excuses", was the statement made my head coach Rod Gilbert after storming out of the visitor's locker room at Maple Leaf Gardens. Gilbert caught the media off guard as they prepped to question the bench boss after the 7-3 opening night loss. Instead, Gilbert strolled right on by and disappeared down the hall. 

GM Mike Smith was on hand to watch the season's first bit of action. He was more diplomatic stating, "Rough way to start a season for sure. An injury almost right away to the best player in the league, we out shot our opponents in their own barn. We just didn't get the big stop when we needed it in the second period. Kelly's our man, no more safety net. His performance last playoffs dictated my decision this off season to clear up some money in the crease. We are gonna see how this plays out. The team is behind him, too."


Hrudey only made 9 stops on 14 shots through a period and half and was replaced for Greg Stefan. The new backup didn't do much more harm to the team stopping 12 of 14 shots but the damage was already done. Colorado will lick its wounds and travel to Winnipeg for a tough match up now without Peter Stastny. Stosh is expected to miss at least 3 games with a charley horse. Smith finished, "We won't see additional discipline on Bassen. It's not worth it."