ďItís Bannermanís net tonight and the Boys better show up in front of him,Ē said Head Coach Andre Savard.


Colorado is set to play their last 4 games this season and all points matter. Itís unusual to see Colorado actually fighting for the top seed. Itís been a lock for the majority of the last decade. But since the uptick of the North Stars, the consistent Jets and a few retirements, the Rockies are now brought back to the finish line going neck and neck with the pack.


Tonight is the first of a set of games that will determine Coloradoís playoff position and their opponent in the playoffs. The Jets have #2 on lockdown. The issue for Colorado is they are usually in control of how it always out. Currently they are in 1st in the entire NFHL, but are one point ahead of Winnipeg but give up a game in hand.


Colorado will play Winnipeg one more time this year in what is likely to decide the Presidentís Trophy. The Rockies better not look past the Hawks tonight. The have already lost to Chicago this season and anything less than two points could spell disaster.


GM Mike Smith said, ďI think we have taken a step back. But by default. You lose Stosh. A Hall of Famer. No team completely recovers from that. But guess what? Here we are, fighting for yet another President's Trophy and the top seed throughout the playoffs. Iím not surprised. Itís what we doĒ.