The Calgary Flames have begun their auditions for players who can stay on the ice next season. 


It's not a shock to anyone at this point; the Flames take a lot of penalties. As we push toward the 1996 season, one of the main goals will be to cut back on the number of in-game infractions to hopefully begin to build toward more wins. The first auditions will begin over the coming games with players from Calgary's farm system getting a call up to see if they can stay out of the sin bin. 


Prioritizing discipline will be a focus for the Flames for next year. There is some talent on the Calgary squad, but because they've played the role of Goon Squad to this point, they often dig themselves insurmountable holes to climb out of. 


Over the coming games, it remains to be seen if some of the players on the farm just may be part of what Calgary needs in their next step of development.


The Calgary Herald