Flames Lose at Home to Wings in Undisciplined Match


How many times can one say the Flames lost 7-3 yet actually had a handful players finish with a +2 rating?  


Calgary was on the wrong end of 4 power play goals in 5 opportunities.  With the score tied 2-2 after a rather uneventful first 30 minutes, all hell broke loose in the 2nd when Jeff Parker dangerously hooked onto Alex Mogilny causing the young forward an abdominal injury that ended the night for both individuals. Mogilny is said to be day to day and Parker escaped a hearing with the league.  On the same play JJ Daigneault took a high stick double minor penalty when he tried to intervene with Parker causing his opponent to bleed. Thus with 4 players on each side, the Wings quickly made the score 3-2. Miroslav Ihnacak, still livid over Mogilny's injury, decided to challenge Ken Leiter who took offense at Ihnacak's insults and beat him to a pulp.  Shortly thereafter rookie sensation Scott Niedermayer was caught dangerously hooking and was called on a 5 minute penalty. This allowed the Wings to add 2 power play goals and thus ended Steve Penney's night.   Towards the end of the 2nd, Flames journeyman Feltrin was caught by the referee kicking his opponent Ihnacak and was sent to the sin bin.


With Darren Eliot in nets in the 3rd period, the Wings picked up on their sensational power play and scored another goal to make 6-2. Gilbert Delorme of the Flames found a sparring partner in Alan Haworth and both would fight to a draw. Another rookie, Keith Tkachuk, was caught making another rookie mistake, as he was given a double minor for Boarding against the poor old Ihnacak.  The Wings would get the last laugh though as Marty McInnis scored the team's 4th power play marker of the night.  With about 5 minutes left to the game and an insurmountable deficit, Gilbert Delorme decided he wasn't done fighting and found the poor Miro Ihnacak. Delorme would go onto beat him down and get ejected from the game. The Flames would later go on to score a goal which had little impact on the game.  Although the final score was 7-3 for Detroit, Ihnacak may be the biggest loser of the night.


Next up Calgary hosts the 0-2 NJ Devils in a bid for each team to avoid becoming the 2nd 0-3 team along with the surprising Rockies.