Darren Pang earned his first win as a Calgary Flame last night, as Calgary snuck past Anaheim 4-3. This win was Calgary's 16th of the year, bringing them within two wins of last year's total with 13 games left to play.


Pang was one of a handful of new faces to join the Flames via trade this season as Calgary works toward building on this season's very minor improvement for next season. In are David Vyborny, Troy Mallettte, Shawn Bates, Darby Hendrickson, Benoit Hogue (see later), Brian Rolston, Adam Graves, Steve Dubinsky, Darren Pang, Dmitri Tertyshny, and Mike Hanson. Out are Kelly Buchberger, Doug Houda, Alexei Kadushov, Troy Horachek, Dwayne Hay, Luciano Borsato, Benoit Hogue (sorry Benny; or you're welcome), Daniel Berthiaume, Victor Posa and Alain Lemieux.


The next 13 games will see Calgary tinker with lines, explore some call up options, and see some auditions for next season.