Hartford Whalers Secure Victory Against Struggling Buffalo Sabres

In a showdown that saw the struggling Buffalo Sabres face off against the resurgent Hartford Whalers, it was the Whalers who emerged victorious, extending their winning streak to three games. The game, which unfolded at the Sam Adams Colonial Center, showcased the resilience of the Whalers as they outplayed their opponents on both ends of the ice.

The first period set the tone for the Whalers' dominance as Randy Burridge netted the opening goal at the 6:06 mark, giving Hartford an early lead. Despite some penalties on both sides, the Sabres failed to capitalize on their power play opportunities, unable to breach the solid defense of the Whalers. With Al Jensen guarding the net for the Sabres and Don Beaupre standing tall for the Whalers, the first period ended with Hartford holding a 1-0 lead.

The second period saw Hartford extend their lead further, with Craig Simpson finding the back of the net at 19:42, assisted by Luc Robitaille and Ray Ferraro. Although the Sabres managed to generate some offensive pressure, they were unable to convert their chances into goals. Penalties continued to plague both teams, disrupting the flow of the game, but Hartford maintained their composure and kept the Sabres at bay.

Entering the third period with a 2-0 deficit, the Sabres showed signs of life as Mark Astley finally broke through the Whalers' defense, scoring an unassisted goal at 12:39. However, any hopes of a comeback were dashed when Luc Robitaille sealed the victory for the Whalers with another unassisted goal at 15:23.

Despite their best efforts, the Sabres were unable to overcome the solid goaltending of Don Beaupre, who made 28 saves out of 29 shots. Al Jensen, manning the net for the Sabres, made 34 saves but ultimately suffered the loss.

The game showcased the Whalers' ability to capitalize on their opportunities and maintain their winning momentum, while the Sabres struggled to find their rhythm, trailing behind their opponents in both performance and points. With only 10 games left in the season and a six-point gap separating them from the second-last team in the league, the Calgary Flames, the Sabres face an uphill battle to climb out of the bottom spot in the standings of the NFHL.

-Buffalo, NY