Bruins look to depth in injury run


With Sean McKenna and Jeff Larmer on LTIR, the Boston Bruins are having to lean on their depth more than they have had to in prior years. “We’ve been fortunate in the past couple of years to not have to deal with major injuries,” says head coach Jocelyn Guevremont. “This season we’ve been unfortunately handed a couple of blows, but so far we’ve been able to weather the storm.”


Steve Larmer missed a couple of games prior to the McKenna injury, so it’s forced Wayne Presley into the lineup up the middle. He brings a different dimension to the team, a more ‘rough and tumble’ demeanor. “Press (Pressley) has shown that he can play when given the opportunity, he just needs to keep his emotions in check,” says Guevremont.


Presley will play primarily the fourth line centre spot and may see some penalty killing duty with his defensive play. With McKenna out long term, watch for Presley to remain in the lineup for the foreseeable future.

Donny Brook
Bruins Beat Writer
Boston Herald