Off Season Check List 

All General Managers must be involved in the following:

N/A Expansion Draft (when applicable)
Entry Draft
Free Agency (if necessary)

All General Managers must also do the following:

Apply Negative Coach Points (Mandatory)

Sign Coach (If team does not have one)

Pay Back Loans

All General Managers have the opportunity to do the following activities.  Failure to do them prior to the start of the regular season results in the GM losing out on the opportunity to use the activities.

Supplemental Draft (When applicable)

Sign Endorsements
  Name Farm Team Coach (if available)

Sign recently drafted rookies

Sign or release RFAs not signed during Free Agency 
  Change player positions
  Change ticket prices
  Change arena name (if not prohibited by Endorsement signing)


Name captains and alternates
  Move farm team
Use Training Camps
Use Activity Points

Use Positive Coach Points
  Purchase Coach Points
  Purchase Training Camps (If not prohibited)
  Add seats to arena


Use veteran points