1984 Draft Mid Season Rankings

*Note: The Central Scouting Rankings are based purely on the interpretation of statistics in the NJFHL, interpretation of real life history, and personal opinion.  In no way has the writer seen the ratings of the players or should the comments be interpreted to necessarily be accurate interpretations of the ratings the junior players have or will have.
Mid-Season Pre-Season Player
1 36 Kirk Muller - Peterborough Petes
Despite playing on a sub-.500 team, Kirk Muller has done everything possible to bring success to the Petes.  He leads the league in assists and points and is just one goal back of leading the league in that category, too.  His first half has been so impressive, he has raced past Mario Lemieux into top spot in the CSS rankings.  What has made Muller's performance so impressive is that he is doing it in all facets of the game.  He has 9 power play goals and 5 short handed goals already, meaning he has 7 at even strength.  That is a weapon in any situation.  He is one of the top hitters in the game, takes a boat load of shots, and play fairly disciplined for a physical player.  He may not have the out right sublime skills of Lemieux, but he may be a more complete player.
2 1 Mario Lemieux - Shawinigan Cataractes
  If he hadn't missed six games so far this season, Lemieux may have remained as the top prospect in the 1984 draft.  However, he did miss those 6 games and his team is struggling with just 7 wins in their first 29 games.  Mario is doing his part, though, scoring almost 1.5 points per game, second only to Muller, and unleashing his devastating shot at almost a 30% success rate.  His assist total is lagging because there aren't many players on his team who can do much once they get one of his passes, but he is also showing a great defensive poise, holding on to a +6 rating on a team that has allowed 30 more goals than they have scored in just 29 games.  He has shown a little more eagerness to get involved in the game physically, finally using his immense frame to push other players around and assert his will.  On a better team, his numbers could be eye-popping.  On this team, they are merely great.
3 30 Ed Olczyk - Edmonton Oil Kings
The Oil Kings have been the surprise of the NJFHL season thus far, boasting a 20-8-3 record while scoring a league-high 150 goals.  One could argue whether Ed Olczyk is a catalyst for that offensive prowess or a beneficiary, but one can't ague with the numbers.  He is second in points with 45, behind only Muller, third in points per game behind Muller and Lemieux, and is 2nd in assists with 27.  And yet he is managing his defensive responsibilities as well as he has a +20 rating.  Olczyk isn't big, but gets in the dirty areas, but he does need to use his shot more.  Only Lemieux has a better shooting percentage.  If he can maintain that production through the second half of the season, Olczyk would most certainly seem to be a top ten, if not top five pick.
4 3 Patrick Roy - Ottawa 67's
  Roy's ranking has more to do with his past two year's performance than it does this year.  He is still sporting solid numbers, but he is not dominating as he had in the past.  He has a .500 record, but of his 13 wins, he has posted 2 shut outs.  He is 7th in GAA and 5th in save percentage.  Not exactly numbers that have scouts raving, but he is the only thing keeping his team alive on most nights and they know what he can do.  Reports say his fiery competitiveness is getting to his teammates, but that is certainly a trait that most teams want in their goalie.  He has a battle-ready demeanour and it will be very interesting to see how he responds to not only falling in the CSS rankings, but with maybe having to give up his strangle hold on the Goalie of the Year award.
5 47 Jeff Brown - Edmonton Oil Kings
Brown has exploded into the top five and is easily the top ranked blue liner in the 1984 draft at this point.  While much attention has been placed upon flashier blue liners in the preseason, such as Paul Cavallini, Mark Tinordi, and Kevin Hatcher, all of whom were ranked in the top 15 to start the season, Brown has simply proven to be a catalyst for the powerful Oil Kings.  He has 4 more assists than any other defenseman has points, has contributed equally well to both special teams, and has been rock solid defensively with a +16 rating.  He doesn't have the cannon like Al Iafrate and his 13 goals, but he is sneaky with it and has managed to put 9 into the net, including 2 short handed markers.  He won't rough up the opposition, but uses his stick well and is able to move forwards into less dangerous areas where he can then take the puck away from them and start up the ice before they know what hit them.  Even with an average second half, Brown should win the scoring race for blue liners and it will be very hard for any GM out there to not take him with a top ten pick.
6 63 David Mackey - Peterborough Petes
  A 57-rank jump is one of the highest ever for CSS, but David Mackey has earned that with a stellar first half performance.  Teamed with Kirk Muller, they have given the Petes all the offense they need to win any game.  Their defense, though, hasn't been up to the task.  Mackey, though, has feasted on the power play, scoring 14 of his league-leading 22 goals there while adding a nice physical element to the Petes' lineup.  He has over 80 hits in his 30 games, second amongs draft eligible forwards, and is one of 5 forwards with 100+ shots already.  He isn't an angel, his 150 PIMs show he has a tendancy to play a little reckless, but it is hard to really reign in that enthusiasm when he does so many other things well.  But if he can somehow clean up his act, just a bit, and keep providing a physical, effective offensive option, there is no reason he won't hear his name called very early at the draft.
7 25 Brett Hull - Saskatoon Blades
Former NFHL star Bobby Hull's little boy has grown up and is beginning to show the world that he inherited his father's awesome shot.  Hull had a disappointing season last year, but has come out firing in 1983, literally.  His 21 goals is tied for second in the league and he is 6th in league scoring, having played fewer games than most of the players in front of him.  Surprisingly, especially with his shot, he only has 5 PP goals.  Most scouts have indicated that is simply a result of him not shooting enough, plus not having a set-up man who can admirably put the puck on his stick.  Defensively, he has shown that he won't be a detriment, but he certainly isn't going to be a force.  He is a pure offensive machine and all his real actions, his hits, etc., are a result of his offensive desire.  He does need a little work on his skating, but when you have his uncanny abilty to get open, as well as having a wicked shot, you tend to let that go.  A strong second half could see Hull rocket up to a top five position if his goal scoring exploits continue.
8 53 Shayne Corson - London Knights
  Another big riser in the rankings thanks to another year of maturity and the fact they are being given much more responsibility.  And if there is one thing that young Shayne Corson takes pride in, it is responsbility.  He plays the game hard and can cross the line a lot of the time.  But he is a natural leader and coaches love how he can show younger players what it takes to win.  It helps that he is actually skilled, too.  In 30 games, he has 18 goals and 19 assists for 37 points while registering 103 shots.  But what sets him apart from some of the other offensive guys is his love for physical play.  He's tough, he takes the body, on pace for more than 200 hits this year, and stands up for himself and his teammates.  His 165 PIMs was 3rd most of any forward in the draft class, but, like David Mackey, he just brings so much more to the table.  He is a force in front of the net on the power play, knocking in 11 PP goals so far.  He works hard defensively, but that will need to grow further to really become a top six forward.  A offensive juggernaut he may not be, but he will put up solid points and he will be a team captain.
9 38 Gary Suter - Kamloops Blazers
Gary Suter hasn't shown yet to be as much of an offensive force as Jeff Brown, but he is arguably a more complete defenseman.  He doesn't possess the big shot, but he can distribute the puck well, especially on the power play.  But the big difference between the two blue liners is his physical play on the defensive side of the puck.  Suter has a bit of a nasty streak and doesn't shy away from contact, even if it isn't exactly legal.  He is certainly no stranger to the sin bin.  But that he can still pound away, while playing in all situations, just shows the confidence his coaches in Kamloops have in him.  Suter has shown all the tools of being a top pairing defenseman in the NFHL.
10 31 Bob Joyce - Edmonton Oil Kings
  The third Oil King ranked in the top ten, Bob Joyce has certainly benefit from Edmonton's offense-first mentality.  He is fourth among forwards in points per game with 36 in his 27 games played.  At that rate, if he had played in every game, he'd be 3rd in league scoring.  It is hard to ignore that.  However, there are flaws in his game that prevent him from being higher in the rankings.  He isn't nearly physical enough, preferring to play on the periphery.  And, despite having a very good shot, he doesn't use it enough.  He has a better than 20% success rate, but has just 14 goals, which tells you something.  But he is very good moving the puck and plays an excellent defensive game.  It isn't built on size ro strength, but on good body positioning.  His +21 rating, cetainly inflated by the Oil Kings' offense, leads the league.
11 18 David Volek - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
Healthy after an injury-ravaged year, Volek is putting up the numbers that 1982 indicated he had the potential to do.  He isn't as lethal short handed as last year, but is still able to contribute in all areas, except physically.  Likes to shoot.
12 26 Tony Hrkac - Edmonton Oil Kings
Will shoot from any where and everywhere.  Leads draft class in shots with 117 in just 31 games.  Despite that, has only 13 goals and one of the lowest shooting percentages.  Is quick and plays with some edge to his game, but needs to be able to connect on his shot more often to be an impact player in the NFHL.
13 2 Luc Robitaille - Hull Olympiques
A tough start to the year for the former #2 ranked player.  His team is struggling, but Robitaille has still managed to score 17 times, more than 16% of his team's goals.  Poor team is limiting his shots on net, but he is still lethal when he gets them off and still willing to pay the price to shoot the puck.  Not a play creator, but certainly an upper echelon finisher.
14 39 Marc Fortier - Chicoutimi Saguineens
Fortier has elevated his game given the extra opportunity with Chicoutimi.  On a team without a lot of offensive options at this point, Fortier has stepped up to provide them with their primary weapon.  With 37 points in 31 games, teams haven't been able to stop Fortier, yet.  Very good with the man advantage wit the extra room, but has shown he can be knocked off the puck a little too easily.
15 41 Al Iafrate - London Knights
Rivals Al MacInnis in sheer force of his slap shot from the point.  It can put the fear of God into goalies and, as his 13 goals through half a season can attest, he knows where to put it.  He is especially effective on the power play.  Scouts would like to see him unholster the shot more often, and he needs work on his defensive game.  But, that weapon will ensure he goes in the first round.
16 21 Ray Sheppard - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
Sheppard's skating remains an issue, but he has taken immense strides in his defensive game.  So much so, that he is a fixture on the PK and has already notched 3 short handed goals.  Still scoring often and remains a point per game player while staying healthy.  Scouts only concern is his failure to go to the dirty areas for the puck.  If he was more aggressive, we may be speaking of him as a top ten pick.
17 20 Sylvan Cote - Sudbury Wolves
Scouting report hasn't changed since the preseason.  What you see is what you get.  Smart, controlled player in all facets of the game.  Though still somehow leaves you wanting more.  Needs to get bigger and more physical.  Smart offensive game is there, though.
18 50 Paul Ranheim - Kamloops Blazers
A little buzz saw in the offensive zone was one of just 5 players with 100+ shots already.  He is tenacious on the forecheck, despite his size, and creates havoc on the power play, which has led to 7 of his goals.  A tireless worker who is given time on the ice when his team needs it most, resulting in 5 game tying or game winning goals so far this season.
19 9 Paul Cavallini - Medicine Hat Tigers
Cavallini is no longer the top ranked blue liner, but has put himself in a spot where he is one of the best power play quarterbacks around.  8 of his 9 goals have come with the man advantage.  Tied for the lead among blue liners in shots taken, he can be a threat from anywhere but the defensive side of his game is lacking and scouts aren't sure about his ability at even strength.  A poor second half of the season could see him slide out of the first round.
20 7 Todd Elik - Saskatoon Blades
A sharp drop for Elik as he wasn't as able to use his speed last year when defenses weren't keying on him.  However, still a point per game player and has improved his shot enough to make him a real threat.  Coaches using him in all situations, but needs to cut down on unnecessary penalties.  
21 27 Gary Roberts - Ottawa 67's
Another promising power forward, Roberts plays witht  requisite aggression, but his offense still is under development.  He has 99 shots, so he loves to shoot, but he just isn't good enough at it yet with just 13 goals.  Despite that, he is a point per game player and loves the physical game.  Working on his shot could have him move into the top ten by the end of the year.  
22 15 Kevin Miller - Edmonton Oil Kings
Despite recording 30 points in 27 games, it was only good for 5th on the Oil Kings and big concerns about his compete level see him drop to the edge of the first round.  Playing more tentative than last year when he was a leader in shots taken and a danger on the power play.  Still plays well with the man advantage, but is no longer the key player and it seems to have affected his game.  Penalties are much too high for a non-physical player.
23 28 Trent Yawney - Saskatoon Blades
24 62 Shawn Burr - Ottawa 67's
25 75 Peter Douris - Hull Olympiques
26 11 Brad Jones - London Knights
27 29 Luciano Borsato - Chicoutimi Saguineens
28 32 Mikhail Tatarinov - Edmonton Oil Kings
29 22 Doug Bodger - Saskatoon Blades
30 64 Alan Stewart - Shawinigan Cataractes
31 NR Craig Billington - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
32 23 Jeff Norton - Peterborough Petes
33 66 Terry Carkner - Edmonton Oil Kings
34 14 Michal Pivonka - Sudbury Wolves
35 8 Stephane Richer - Chicoutimi Saguineens
36 45 Craig Redmond - Sudbury Wolves
37 17 Petr Svoboda - Ottawa 67's
38 16 J.J. Daigneault - Kamloops Blazers
39 68 Jeff Jackson - Hull Olympiques
40 42 Paul Broten - Chicoutimi Saguineens
41 88 Dave Pasin - Sudbury Wolves
42 46 Robert Dirk - Kamloops Blazers
43 34 Scott Mellanby - Kamloops Blazers
44 6 Kirk McLean - Shawinigan Cataractes
45 76 Al Conroy - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
46 5 John Morris - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
47 19 Mikael Andersson - London Knights
48 37 Doug Houda - Peterborough Petes
49 48 Todd Gill - Hull Olympiques
50 65 Jeff Chychrun - Saskatoon Blades
51 51 Todd Ewen - Edmonton Oil Kings
52 60 Brian Wilkes - Chicoutimi Saguineens
53 40 Kris King - Chicoutimi Saguineens
54 4 Steve Leach - Saskatoon Blads
55 NR Ken Quinney - Hull Olympiques
56 33 Phillipe Bozon - London Knights
57 70 Brian Dobbin - Hull Olympiques
58 73 Greg Smyth - London Knights
59 71 Emauel Viveiros - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
60 NR Ari Haanpaa - Peterborough Petes
61 NR David Jensen - Sudbury Wolves
62 NR Tim Bergland - Ottawa 67's
63 52 Nick Kypreos - Medicine Hat Tigers
64 13 Cliff Ronning - Medicine Hat Tigers
65 55 Paul Ysebaert - Medicine Hat Tigers
66 NR David Bruce - Peterborough Petes
67 67 Tom Tilley - Shawinigan Cataractes
68 83 Dave Saunders - Sudbury Wolves
69 78 Larry DePalma - Hull Olympiques
70 58 Mike Stapleton - Sudbury Wolves
71 74 Brent Severyn - Medicine Hat Tigers
72 24 Brian Benning - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
73 43 Marc Bureau - Edmonton Oil Kings
74 56 Steve Tuttle - Saskatoon Blades
75 NR Brent Hughes - Kamloops Blazers
76 59 Mike Tomlak - Kamloops Blazers
77 57 Mike Peluso - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
78 72 Don Sweeney - Shawinigan Cataractes
79 12 Kevin Hatcher - Medicine Hat Tigers
80 10 Mark Tinordi - Shawinigan Cataractes
81 NR Derek Laxdal - Ottawa 67's
82 61 Mark Kachowski - Edmonton Oil Kings
83 69 Mick Vukota - Shawinigan Cataractes
84 79 Jim Agnew - Peterborough Petes
85 81 Ken Hammond - Medicine Hat Tigers
86 54 Ken Hodge - Edmonton Oil Kings
87 35 Alan May - Shawinigan Cataractes
88 49 Bob Halkidis - Edmonton Oil Kings