The Race for the Green Jacket

Round Two

We are a quarter of the way through the through the 1995 season and, in the quest for the Green Jacket, we don't really have anyone pulling from the competition quite yet. Rudy Poeschek has maintained his lead, but it's not really one that looks secure by any means. Marty Ruff has made a charge to pull within 2 shots of the lead.

The season is still young, and if previous years have shown us anything there's a lot that can change as the season progresses.

The clubhouse lead after the first quarter season:

Rudy Poeschek TBL                   18GP -20

Marty Ruff BUF                           18GP -18

Andrei Lomakin BUF                   18GP -17

Sergei Nemchinov QUE              19GP -17

Scott Scissons TBL                     11GP -16

Gary Roberts QUE                      18GP -16

Shane Churla TBL                       18GP -15

Kjell Dahlin FLA                           19GP -15

Bobby Dollas TOR                       19GP -14

Gary Nylund BUF                        16GP -14

Ian Moran CHI                             19GP -14

Stephane Richer FLA                  20GP -13

As stated, earlier a lot can change, especially if players change teams and go to a winning situation or vice versa. 

Come back to check the leaderboard after round three!

Lou Brication

NFHL Network