The Race for the Green Jacket

Round One

Greetings hockey fans!

Welcome to another season of exciting NFHL action! Last season, we saw that one team in particular had a large contingent in the running, and there really is no reason to believe that this season won't bear the same result. But that's why we play the games!

To recap, the Green Jacket is presented to the player at the end of the season that has the lowest - rating in the +/- measurement.

Lets take a look at the first round clubhouse leaders for the coveted Green Jacket.

Rudy Poeschek TBL                15 GP -17

Scott Scissons TBL                   8 GP -15

Brent Fedyk TBL                      12 GP -14

Andrei Lomakin BUF                14 GP -14

Zarley Zalapsky LAK                15 GP -13

Sergei Nemchinov QUE           13 GP -12

Kjell Dhalin QUE                       13 GP -12

Stephane Richer LAK               14 GP -12

Marty Ruff BUF                         14 GP -12

Paul Broten STL                        13 GP -11

Scott Niedermayer MON           13 GP -11

Uwe Krupp LAK                        15 GP -11

Christian Ruuttu LAK                15 GP -11

Former Green Jacket Winner Niedermayer is only 6 off the pace being set by Rudy. Watch out for Scissons though, he is averaging nearly -2 per game, so if he keeps playing he's bound to make a run for the top spot!

Check back after round two to check the progress of your favourite players!

Lou Brication

NFHL Network