Hall of Fame Eligibility

Players: Eligible players will be available to be voted for immediately upon retirement. (i.e. if they retire at the conclusion of the 1989 season, they will be eligible to be voted on during the 1990 off season).  They will remain on the ballot for up to ten (10) seasons after their retirement.  They will be removed from the ballot the 11th season after their retirement.

Builders: Coach and General Manager criteria for inclusion in the Hall is still to be determined.

Voting Process

To be inducted into the Hall, a player must receive enough votes from the Hall of Fame Committee.  Every off season, each member of the Committee will submit a list of 10 eligible players and/or builders in the order in which they believe should be inducted into the Hall.  The first player/builder on their list will receive 10 points, the second 9 points, and so on.  The 10th player on the list receives 1 point.  The top three players/builders will be inducted into the Hall of Fame provided they meet the following criteria:

Should more than three players or builders meet the above criteria, only the top three, determined by the number of points each received during the voting process, will be inducted.  As the league progresses, it is possible that there will be two separate votes for players and builders.

Hall of Fame Committee