The NFHL uses a weighted lottery method to determine who gets the 1st pick in the entry draft.  There will be three lotteries to determine the first three choices in the draft. The first lottery will determine the 1st choice in the draft.  The second lottery will determine the 2nd pick, and the 3rd lottery will determine the 3rd pick. Once the first three spots are determined, the remaining teams will select based on the reverse order of the regular season standings. Teams that win the lottery can move up a maximum of five (5) spots in the draft order.  Should a team win a lottery that would move them up more than 5 spots, they will automatically be awarded the position that is exactly 5 spots higher in the draft order.  If that puts them 2nd or 3rd in the draft order, the corresponding lottery will not take place and the lottery that was just performed will be done again. For example, if the 7th place team wins the 1st place lottery, they will move up 2nd place.  The 2nd place lottery will no longer be needed and the 1st place lottery will be conducted again.

Playoff teams will have their draft order determined by a combination of playoff results and regular season standings.  All teams eliminated in the 1st round will be ranked according to the reverse order of their regular season standings.  The same process will be followed by teams eliminated in the 2nd round and then the conference finals. The two teams in the SMJ Cup finals will have the final 2 picks of the draft, with the winner awarded the final draft pick of the 1st round.

This process is only for the 1st round of the draft.  The second and 3rd round of the drafts will solely be based on the reverse order of the regular season standings, regardless of playoff results.

The lotteries will be conducted using the die rolls on Slack.  A weighted draft lottery system will be used. The 8 teams who missed the playoffs, plus the two new expansion teams, will have certain numbers between 1-100 be assigned to them according to the first table below. After the first lottery is completed, another simulation will be done with just the 9 remaining teams.  The third lottery will have just the 8 remaining teams.

Lottery 1 (1st Overall Pick)
Expansion #1 20.0% 1-200
Expansion #2 17.5% 201-375
24th Place 14.0% 376-515
23rd Place 11.0% 516-625
22nd Place 9.0% 626-715
21st Place 7.5% 716-790
20th Place 6.5% 791-855
19th Place 6.0% 856-915
18th Place 5.0% 916-965
17th Place 3.5% 966-1000
Lottery 2 (2nd Overall Pick)
Expansion #2 21.5% 1-215
24th Place 18.5% 216-400
23rd Place 15.0% 401-550
22nd Place 11.0% 551-660
21st Place 9.0% 661-750
20th Place 7.5% 751-825
19th Place 6.5% 826-890
18th Place 6.0% 891-950
17th Place 5.0% 951-1000

Lottery 3 (3rd Overall Pick)
24th Place 24.0% 1-240
23rd Place 20.0% 241-440

22nd Place

16.0% 441-600
21st Place 11.0% 601-710
20th Place 9.0% 711-800
19th Place 7.5% 801-875
18th Place 6.5% 876-940
17th Place 6.0% 941-1000

  Here are the chances for each of the non-playoff teams for the first lottery:

Tampa Bay Lightning 1-200
Calgary Flames 201-375
NY Rangers 376-515
Chicago Blackhawks 516-625
Toronto Maple Leafs 626-715
Anaheim Ducks 716-790
Montreal Canadiens 791-855
Pittsburgh Penguins 856-915
NY Islanders 916-965
Edmonton Oilers 966-1000

 The results of the first lottery are:

The Calgary Flames have won the 1st lottery and will get the #1 pick in the 1994 Entry Draft.

Here are the chances for each of the non-playoff teams for the second lottery:

Tampa Bay Lightning 1-215
NY Rangers 216-400
Chicago Blackhawks 401-550
Toronto Maple Leafs 551-660
Anaheim Ducks 661-750
Montreal Canadiens 751-825
Pittsburgh Penguins 826-890
NY Islanders 891-950
Edmonton Oilers 951-1000

The results of the second lottery are:

The Toronto Maple Leafs win the 2nd lottery and will pick #2 overall in the 1994 Entry Draft.

Here are the chances for each of the non-playoff teams for the third lottery:

Tampa Bay Lightning 1-240
NY Rangers 241-440
Chicago Blackhawks 441-600
Anaheim Ducks 601-710
Montreal Canadiens 711-800
Pittsburgh Penguins 801-875
NY Islanders 876-940
Edmonton Oilers 941-1000

The results of the third lottery are:

Chicago Blackhawks win the 3rd lottery and will have the 3rd pick in the 1994 Entry Draft.

 The Entry Draft order for the first round only is:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Round 1
# Team Owned By Name Pos GP G A Pts PIM
1 Calgary Calgary Ed Jovonovski D          
2 Toronto Toronto Milan Hejduk F          
3 Chicago Chicago Patrick Elias F          
4 Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Ryan Smyth F          
5 NY Rangers NY Rangers Mattias Ohlund D          
6 Anaheim Edmonton Chris Drury F          
7 Montreal Montreal Oleg Tverdovsky D          
8 Pittsburgh Edmonton Jeff O'Neill F          
9 NY Islanders NY Islanders Tomas Vokoun G          
10 Edmonton NY Rangers Radek Bonk F          
11 Quebec Quebec Jeff Friesen F          
12 San Jose Philadelphia Kim Johnsson D          
13 St. Louis Calgary Jose Theodore G          
14 Vancouver NY Rangers Sheldon Souray D          
15 Boston NY Rangers Mathieu Dandenault F          
16 New Jersey Buffalo Ethan Moreau F          
17 Hartford Los Angeles Andreas Karlsson F          
18 Winnipeg Buffalo Richard Zednik F          
19 Minnesota Chicago PJ Axelsson F          
20 Philadelphia Philadelphia Rhett Warrener D          
21 Florida Minnesota Brad Lukowich D          
22 Los Angeles Los Angeles Jason Botterill F          
23 Detroit Detroit Ryan Johnson F          
24 Buffalo Detroit Paul Healey F          
25 Columbus Philadelphia Deron Quint D          
26 Colorado Los Angeles Jamie Storr G          
Round 2
# Team Owned By Name Pos GP G A Pts PIM
27 Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Curtis Brown F          
28 Calgary Calgary Richard Park F          
29 NY Rangers NY Rangers Vaclav Varada F          
30 Chicago Minnesota Shane Hnidy D          
31 Toronto Philadelphia Dick Tarnstrom D          
32 Anaheim Toronto Vitali Yachmenev F          
33 Montreal Montreal Brad Brown D          
34 Pittsburgh Calgary Wade Belak D          
35 NY Islanders NY Islanders Serge Aubin F          
36 Edmonton Colorado Jason Strudwick D          
37 Quebec Quebec Wayne Primeau F          
38 San Jose Los Angeles Bill Muckalt F          
39 St. Louis Boston Bates Battaglia F          
40 Minnesota Minnesota Dave Scatchard F          
41 Vancouver NY Rangers Dan Cloutier G          
42 Philadelphia Winnipeg Jason Wiemer F          
43 Boston Colorado Eric Boulton F          
44 Florida Quebec Chris Clark F          
45 New Jersey Buffalo Stanislav Neckar D          
46 Los Angeles Los Angeles Brian Swanson F          
47 Hartford Toronto Brian White D          
48 Detroit Detroit Chris Wells F          
49 Buffalo NY Islanders Barrie Moore F          
50 Winnipeg Winnipeg Steve Webb F          
51 Columbus Colorado Brett Lindros F          
52 Colorado Colorado Eric Fichaud G          
Round 3
# Team Owned By Name Pos GP G A Pts PIM
53 Tampa Bay Florida Jussi Markkanen G          
54 Calgary Florida Pasi Nurminem G          
55 NY Rangers Florida Landon Wilson F          
56 Chicago Florida Bryce Salvador D          
57 Montreal Florida Pavel Trnka D          
58 Anaheim Florida Tony Tuzzolino F          
59 Calgary Florida Vlastimil Kroupa D          
60 Pittsburgh Florida Bert Robertsson D          
61 NY Islanders Florida Hnat Domenichelli F          
62 Edmonton Florida Nils Ekman F          
63 Quebec Florida Nolan Baumgartner D          
64 San Jose Florida Jesper Matsson F          
65 St. Louis Florida Alexander Korolyuk F          
66 Minnesota Florida Steve McLaren F          
67 Vancouver Florida Matt Johnson F          
68 Philadelphia Florida Tyson Nash F          
69 Boston Florida Mikhail Kazakevih F          
70 Florida Florida Jani Hurme G          
71 New Jersey Florida Sylvain Blouin F          
72 Los Angeles Florida Maxim Galanov D          
73 Hartford Florida Chris Dingman F          
74 Detroit Florida Vadim Sharifijanov F          
75 Buffalo Florida Jan Nemecek D          
76 Winnipeg Florida Jason Bonsignore F          
77 Columbus Florida Rumun Ndur D          
78 Colorado Florida Domenic Pittis F