The NFHL uses a weighted lottery method to determine who gets the 1st pick in the entry draft.  Teams are allowed to move up a maximum of four (4) places in the draft.  Therefore, only the 5 teams who finished lowest in the standings have a chance at the #1 pick.  Once the #1 pick has been determined, the rest of the lottery team's draft order is determined by the reverse order of the regular season standings.  The order of the rest of the first round is determined by a combination of a team's playoff success and regular season standings.  The draft order for all rounds after the first is determined solely by the reverse order of the regular season standings, regardless of playoff finish.  Please see the rules under Entry Draft for a complete description of the process.

The odds that for winning the lottery are as follows:

24th Place 35%
23rd Place 22%
22nd Place 17%
21st Place 10%
20th Place 7%
19th Place 5%
18th Place 3%
17th Place 1%

A number between 1 - 100 is randomly generated to determine the winner of the #1 pick.  The lottery is only done in the 1st round.  All subsequent rounds will remain in the reverse order of the regular season standings.  Here are the number ranges for each of the non-playoff teams:

San Jose Sharks 24th 1-35
Calgary Flames 23rd 36-61
New Jersey Devils 22nd 62-76
Minnesota North Stars 21st 77-85
Pittsburgh Penguins 20th 86-91
Chicago Blackhawks 19th 92-95
Boston Bruins 18th 96-98
Quebec Nordiques 17th 99-100

The random number generated was a :

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Therefore, San Jose wins the lottery draft and will retain pick #1.   The Entry Draft order for the first round only is:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Round 1
# Team Owned By Name Pos GP G A Pts PIM
1 San Jose San Jose Eric Lindros F          
2 Calgary Calgary Scott Niedermayer D          
3 New Jersey New Jersey Peter Forsberg F          
4 Minnesota Minnesota Daniel Alfredsson F          
5 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Alexei Kovalev F          
6 Chicago Chicago Markus Naslund F          
7 Boston Boston Martin Straka F          
8 Quebec Quebec Brian Rolston F          
9 St. Louis Philadelphia Alexei Zhitnik D          
10 Vancouver Calgary Glen Murray F          
11 Los Angeles Los Angeles Michael Nylander F          
12 Philadelphia Philadelphia Chris Osgood G          
13 Toronto Toronto Darius Kasparaitus D          
14 Detroit Detroit Dean McAmmond F          
15 NY Rangers Pittsburgh Mariusz Czerkawski F          
16 Buffalo Los Angeles Martin Lapointe F          
17 Anaheim Los Angeles Pat Falloon F          
18 Washington Los Angeles Darren McCarty F          
19 NY Islanders St. Louis Jonas Hoglund F          
20 Edmonton Pittsburgh Kirk Maltby F          
21 Winnipeg Winnipeg Steve Staois D          
22 Montreal Montreal Rusty Fitzgerald F          
23 Hartford Pittsburgh Steve Konowalchuk F          
24 Colorado Pittsburgh Boris Mironov D          
Round 2
# Team Owned By Name Pos GP G A Pts PIM
25 San Jose Washington Richard Matvichuk D          
26 Calgary Calgary Sergei Zholtok F          
27 New Jersey New Jersey Rem Murray F          
28 Minnesota Winnipeg Mattias Norstrom D          
29 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Brian Holzinger F          
30 Chicago Chicago Sean Pronger F          
31 St. Louis Detroit Aaron Ward D          
32 Vancouver Pittsburgh Steve Shields G          
33 Boston Boston Patrick Poulin F          
34 Anaheim Montreal Jamie Pushor D          
35 Los Angeles Boston Dan McGillis D          
36 Quebec Quebec Tyler Wright F          
37 Philadelphia Philadelphia Jassen Cullimore D          
38 Winnipeg Winnipeg Phillipe Boucher D          
39 Montreal Chicago Denis Tsygurov D          
40 Toronto Quebec Scott Lachance D          
41 Washington Winnipeg Sandy McCarthy F          
42 Detroit Detroit Jason Dawe F          
43 NY Rangers Vancouver Pat Peake F          
44 Hartford Pittsburgh Dan Stiver F          
45 Buffalo Montreal Chris Marinucci F          
46 NY Islanders Chicago Doug Barrault F          
47 Edmonton Edmonton Corey Hirsch G          
48 Colorado Quebec Andreas Johansson F          
Round 3
# Team Owned By Name Pos GP G A Pts PIM
49 San Jose Anaheim Aris Brimanis D          
50 Calgary Calgary Scott Fraser F          
51 New Jersey Washington Juha Ylonen F          
52 Minnesota Colorado Vesa Viitakoski F          
53 Pittsburgh Colorado Craig Darby F          
54 Chicago Pittsburgh Ladislav Karabin F          
55 St. Louis Washington David Oliver F          
56 Vancouver Washington Milan Hnilicka G          
57 Boston Washington Dan Kesa F          
58 Anaheim Chicago Craig Johnston F          
59 Los Angeles Los Angeles Dan Plante F          
60 Quebec Washington Dmitri Filimonov D          
61 Philadelphia Philadelphia Jim Campbell F          
62 Winnipeg Washington Yanick Dupre F          
63 Montreal Montreal


64 Toronto Washington Jeff Nelson F          
65 Washington Washington Martin Prochazka F          
66 Detroit Detroit Rene Corbet F          
67 NY Rangers Vancouver Bruce Gardiner F          
68 Hartford Hartford Todd Reirden D          
69 Buffalo Toronto Cam Stewart F          
70 NY Islanders Anaheim Dody Wood F          
71 Edmonton Washington Erik Andersson F          
72 Colorado Chicago Ryan Hughes F