1993 NFHL All-Star Game

Detroit, Michigan

NFHL Announces All-Star Starters

The time of year is here again where teams get to take a break and GMs have a pretty good idea of where there team is at. For some players it's a time to travel to the Caribbean beaches without their wives and for others it's a chance to showcase their skills to the millions of fans of the NFHL. Yes, it's the All-Star Game. 

Playing in the All-Star Game is a privilege and being named a starter even more so. For years, future hockey players and kids around the world will idolize those at the very top of their game as they showcase their talents for all to see. Without further ado, here are your 1993 All-Star Game starters;


Position Player Team
Centre Mario Lemieux Hartford Whalers
Left Wing Doug Gilmour Toronto Maple Leafs
Right Wing Steve Thomas Buffalo Sabres
Defense Phil Housley Buffalo Sabres
Defense Larry Murphy Toronto Maple Leafs
Goalie Dominik Hasek Toronto Maple Leafs

Center - Mario Lemieux (Hartford Whalers)

Coming off of a championship season where they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, the Hartford Whalers haven’t shown many signs of slowing down and “Super” Mario Lemieux has been leading the charge for them this season. Many around the league would say that Wayne Gretzky is the best player in the world. However, there is a small but staunch group around the league that argue that Mario may well be the best. 

This season, through 36 games played, Mario has put up a ridiculous 67 points (28 goals and 39 assists) which is good for 3rd in the league in scoring. His 28 goals is good for first in the league with only 36 games played and 9 of those goals come on the powerplay for the Whalers. His PPG average is the highest in the league, showing that when he is in the lineup, he is very much one of the best, if not the best, on the planet. Super Mario is leading the way for the Whalers and some people are predicting a repeat. 

When told of Mario’s selection to be a starter in the game Whalers GM Jon Hilowitz has this to say. "We're super proud to have Mario representing the Whalers as a starter in the All-Star game. In addition to being one of the most talented players on the world, he is also one of the hardest working. He can hit, score and is terrific defensively. For my money, he's the best player in the game today, and we're excited to see him get the respect he deserves." 

Left Wing - Doug Gilmour (Toronto Maple Leafs)

The Toronto Maple Leafs, centre of the hockey universe, and current Cup contender, have positioned themselves nicely in the standings once again. Recent Cup winners, they find themselves with an abundance of talent on their roster, but some stand above the rest. At the Left Wing position, Doug Gilmour is clearly head and shoulder above the rest and very much deserving of this nod. "Killer" has a style of play that shows guts and plenty of skills to back it up. This has made him a huge fan favourite in Toronto and an All-Star starter for this season. 

Gilmour has put up 51 points (21 goals and 30 assists) through 42 games this season, while also potting 8 of those goals on the power play. With just 93 shots on net, his 21 goals speak to his ability as a sniper, as does his impressive 22.6% shot percentage. These numbers are great, but it's the intangibles and the eye test that really does it for Gilmour. He has a knack for scoring big goals and plays with a ton of passion. This season, Gilmour has 5 game winners to solidify the thought that he knows how to show up in the biggest of moments. It's because of this that he has grown on many of those around him, including his GM. 

When asked about the 3 starters the Maple Leafs had in this All-Star Game GM Brandon Clark stated, "It's a great achievement for these players to be headed to the All-Star Game. Of course, Hasek and Murphy are all-world players and have been involved in the festivities before, but I'm absolutely thrilled for Gilmour making his first appearance. He's the longest serving Maple Leaf and just seeing the hard work he's put in over the years, it's nice to see him get recognized." 

Right Wing - Steven Thomas (Buffalo Sabres)

This season, the Buffalo Sabres are truly going for it after a disappointing end to their 1992 campaign. The Sabres wanted to make a splash and tweak their team in hopes of returning to the finals, as their window to contend appears to be closing. One of those major acquisitions was getting Steve Thomas from the Washington Capitals in a deal that had multiple pieces going both ways. 

Since joining the Sabres, Thomas has been everything that GM Brandon Johnson could've hoped he would be. Thomas has 65 points (22 goals and 43 assists) through 42 games played, while also posting a monster plus/minus of +34 that is good for second in the league. "Stumpy" also has 115 hits to go with his point total to show that he's very difficult to play against physically, when also considering he's top 5 in points. 

The fact that GM Johnson made a huge addition this off-season that really impacted the Sabres is not lost on him, and while he could gush about his own shrewdness during that trade with Washington, he simply deflects and talks all about Thomas's success. GM Johnson had this to say when asked about the Sabres All-Star. "Stumpy has been unbelievable for us this season. He has been arguably the most impactful forward in the league, so to see him get the starting honors is such a cool thing." 

Defense - Phil Housley (Buffalo Sabres)

The first defencemen on the list representing the Wales Conference happens to be another Buffalo Sabre who anchors their backend. And like every defenseman starting in the All-Star Game, he impacts the game in different ways. Phil is extremely difficult to play against in his own end as he's sound with his positioning and his hockey IQ is off the charts. His offensive numbers are always top notch, and there is a simple explanation for that. Phil was a forward nearly his entire development as a youth until a coach in high school convinced him to make the switch to playing defense full-time. Whoever that coach is, they definitely seem to have made the right call, as Housley is one of the best in the entire world. 

This season, Housley has amassed 35 points (16 goals and 19 assists) through 40 games while posting a respectable plus minus of +23. His 5 powerplay goals speak to his scoring touch on the man advantage and his 115 hits show that he brings the physicality when he plays. To match his 115 hits, Housley has 115 shots, which is good for first in the Sabres, a team that boasts Steve Thomas, Michel Goulet, Denis Savard and more.  

When asked about Housley GM Johnson stated "I'm not surprised Phil made it this season. Losing Boomer [Fred Boimistruck] and not missing a beat holding down top minutes on the team. He already has 16 goals and 35 points this year. The man does it all and is the definition of an All-Star."

Defense - Larry Murphy (Toronto Maple Leafs)

The second defenceman on this list is another player from the Mecca of hockey, Larry Murphy of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Like Phil Housley, this Scarborough, ON native spent a lot of his youth bouncing in between player forward and defense. As one of the most productive players in the league, Murphy is another reason that the Leafs are contending for another NFHL championship. Like all blue liners that were selected, Larry does it all. 

Through 42 games, Murphy has 35 points (3 goals and 32 assists), and while he's not a huge goal scorer like some of the other defenceman on this list, he certainly has a knack for creating offence through his incredible vision and playmaking ability. 32 apples through 42 games is nothing to scoff at. 

The smooth skating defencemen has racked up 92 penalty minutes and 101 hits so far this season, so mistaking him for a soft, finesse type player would be a large mistake to say the least. While Murphy isn’t a huge fighter, he certainly isn’t fun to play against and that’s part of what makes him so effective. That skill set isn’t what got him here, but none the less it adds to his effectiveness and doesn’t change the fact that this season Larry Murphy is starting in the All-Star Game. 

Goaltender - Dominik Hasek (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Last on this list, but most definitely not least, is yet another player from the Toronto Maple Leafs and a man that many consider to be the best goaltender on the planet. While many consider him to be the best, Dominik Hasek is not known for his fundamentals at the position. Known for making unorthodox saves, Hasek presents a consistent puzzle that leaves his opponents frustrated. Despite having stud defenders like Larry Murphy and Chris Chelios in front of him, you won’t hear anybody around the league suggest that a strong blue line is the reason for Hasek’s successes. 

Hasek has been nothing short of stellar this season, posting a 2.42 gold against average and an incredible .908 save percentage. In case you’re wondering, both of those stats lead the entire league. Hasek also has a stat line of 23-6-2 on the season and his 2 shutouts are good for 2nd in the league. With a nickname like the “Dominator”, you really have to earn it and Hasek stands head and shoulders above all of his peers at the position. Hasek even has 4 assists to add to his impressive numbers. 

Like some others on this list, Hasek is a fan favourite in Toronto, and it goes beyond his numbers. His saves have a flare for the dramatic and he never gives up on one, resulting in some spectacular efforts that have the forwards of other teams gripping their sticks a little tighter and trying to be too perfect. All of these intangibles add to Hasek’s natural talent and are a part of what makes him the total package. 

The Wales Conference appears to be in good hands this season. Not to be outdone however, is the Campbell Conference. Let's take a look at the other half of this event. 


Position Player Team
Centre Vincent Damphousse Colorado Rockies
Left Wing Brian Bellows Detroit Red Wings
Right Wing John Chabot Detroit Red Wings
Defense Al MacInnis Winnipeg Jets
Defense Don Sweeney Winnipeg Jets
Goalie Allan Bester Winnipeg Jets

Center - Vincent Damphousse (Colorado Rockies)

On a team that is flush with offensive talent, including perennial All-Stars Igor Larionov and Ron Francis, it was a newcomer to the Rockies that was voted in as the most deserving centremen to represent the Campbell Conference up the middle. 

Recently acquired from the San Jose Sharks, Colorado GM Mike Smith obviously felt he needed to press the envelope and add even more to what was a juggernaut hockey team  after an agonizing defeat that saw his team less than two minutes from another NFHL Championship. It wasn’t to be however as the Rockies were left stunned by the Hartford Whalers. 

When asked about Damphousse, GM Smith stated, "We felt Vinny needed to be shown how to be a professional. The veteran leadership here protected him. Gave him a chance to shine. This is no doubt his coming out party. He’s exceeded expectations for this season. I expected this out of him 2 years from now when more top 6 ice time was available."

This season, Damphousse has put up 69 points (24 goals, 45 assists) through 41 games while also going plus 41 during that span. His 5 game winning goals and eye popping 24.7 shooting percentage really tell a tale of the statistical side as to why he was selected to be a starter. 

Left Wing - Brian Bellows (Detroit Red Wings)

Brian Bellows is playing left wing for a Detroit Red Wings team that is really having a coming out party this season. When GM Greg Sykes took over the Red Wings, he made it clear right away, through a series of moves, that the Red Wings were here to compete and win a championship. 

A huge part of the Wings sitting in a tie for first place in the Campbell Conference has been the play of Brian Bellows down the left wing. One half of an excellent 1-2 punch, Bellows has himself currently sitting in second place in scoring in the entire league, as well as second in goals. 

Thus far, Bellows has put up 68 points (26 goals and 42 assists) through 44 games played, trailing only All-Star teammate Vincent Damphousse, in scoring. Bellows has proven to be an assassin on the powerplay, racking up a dominant 9 goals on the powerplay, while simultaneously sporting a league leading 142 shots on net. They say good things happen when you shoot the puck, and Bellows determination to do just that has him starting on the left wing for the Campbell Conference. 

Right Wing - John Chabot (Detroit Red Wings)

When discussing Brian Bellows' successes in Detroit this season, it's hard to overlook another high profile scorer in Detroit. John Chabot has put together a marvelous season thus far and is the 2 in the 1-2 punch of the Red Wings up front. 

As previously mentioned, GM Sykes took over this Red Wings team and got to work right away on putting a product on the ice that could contend right away. One of the fruits of his labour was landing Chabot in a trade in the off-season from the Toronto Maple Leafs. Since that trade, Chabot has found his groove in the red and white with his new team.

This season, Chabot has 61 points (20 goals and 41 assists) through 42 games. Only slightly outdone by Bellows, Chabot has amassed an impressive 8 powerplay goals this season and 116 shots. Of note, Chabot rarely puts his team down, only being charged with a paltry 16 penalty minutes on the season. His successes on his new team have him starting on the wing opposite his Red Wings teammate in this All-Star game. 

Asked about Chabot and Bellows GM Sykes stated “I can't say enough about what Chabot and Bellows have brought to the team this season. They've always been great players, but this year they've taken it up a level and are major reasons why we're where we are in the standings so far this season. Responsible on both ends of the ice, these two are inspirations to others on the team". 

Defence - Al MacInnis (Winnipeg Jets)

The first defender representing the Campbell Conference is Al MacInnis of the Winnipeg Jets. The Jets are currently on an unprecedented and unthinkable unbeaten streak of 21 games that has seen them go 18-0-3 in that stretch. A huge part of that has been contributions from the blue line out of the 'Peg. Al MacInnis has led the way this season for the Jets in terms of physical play and offensive production. 

MacInnis has put up a staggering 40 points (14 goals and 26 assists) through 40 games played and going plus 21 while playing against the league's best night in and night out. Known for his cannon of a slap shot, MacInnis also gets it done in the defensive part of the ice and plays a highly physical game, as his 106 hits speak for themselves. 

In short, MacInnis does it all. He scores and plays defence, while also making opponents know they're in for a tough night when they face him down. All of these factors put Al MacInnis as an obvious choice to start on defense for the Campbell Conference and showcase his talent on this high stage. 

Defence - Don Sweeney (Winnipeg Jets)

The second Jet starting for the Campbell Conference also happens to be another defenseman. Another equally as important part of this crazy Jets run has been Don Sweeney. Not to be outdone by his teammate MacInnis, Sweeney is having a truly remarkable season himself.  

Thus far, Sweeney has posted a stat line of 39 points (10 goals and 29 assists) in just 34 games played. Now there's something to be said about staying healthy and playing in every game, but his PPG ratio is remarkably high and shows that while he's in the lineup, he's an offensive juggernaut. Sweeney also posts the highest plus minus at +31 on his team and shoots the puck often, registering 104 so far. 

With MacInnis, Sweeney and Dave Ellett, the Jets boast a top end to their blue line that could very well be the best in the entire league. Will we see Ellett on the All-Star game or will he be snubbed ? We will have to wait and see. 

Goaltender - Allan Bester (Winnipeg Jets)

The last starter on this list for the Campbell Conference is Winnipeg Jets (stop me if you've heard that before) starting goaltender Allan Bester. Yes, Bester has a formidable blue line in front of him. However, you can't put up the numbers and have the Jets go onto the run that they've been on without some spectacular play between the pipes. 

Bester has played in 36 games this season, posting a sparkling record of 23-4-3 that includes 2 shutouts for his resume. Bester sports a 2.86 GAA which sits him 4th in the entire NFHL and his save percentage sits at .890 which puts him in 3rd. These stats alone place him among the elite in his position. Bester has also faced 801 shots (4th in NFHL) and his 36 games played is good for 2nd most, only playing in fewer games than Patrick Roy. 

If you really wanted to break it down by minutes played, Bester sits in 4th at 1,849 among the elite goalies. However, his numbers are drastically better than the 3 goalies with more minutes. When a deep dive is done into these numbers, it's easy to see why Bester is deserving of being named the starter in goal for the Campbell Conference. 

When asked about his trio of starters in the All-Star Game, GM Corcoran had this to say, "This season is exciting for these three as Sweenes will be making his third consecutive appearance for the Jets in an All-Star game, while Bests will make his first appearance. To be acknowledged by the fans is a big thing. They believed our back end is the best in the league which is nice to see. I'm hoping we get to see Davey (Ellett) get in to, but understand there are only so many spots. I'm excited to see what these guys do in the second half and hope they can soak in the experience and knowledge from the other stars from the league."

Well there you have it, these are the NFHLs best players and selected started for this upcoming All-Star Game. While there may be some who feel there were some snubs, nobody can deny the impressive talent headlining this fan-friendly event. 


Below are the voting results for the All Star Starters


Center Left Wing Right Wing Defense Goaltender

Mario Lemieux 103 Doug Gilmour 74 Steve Thomas 105 Phil Housley 70 Dominik Hasek 105
Murray Craven 75 Mark Messier 61 Glenn Anderson 63 Larry Murphy 60 Bob Froese 69

Michel Goulet 30   Denis Savard 55 Peter Bondra 38 Chris Chelios 57

Don Beaupre 21
Wayne Gretzky 4 Kevin McClelland 15 Ziggy Palffy 8 Brian Benning 12 Curtis Joseph 9
Jim Peplinski 3 Troy Murray 4 Dino Ciccarelli 2 Calle Johansson 7 Kirk McLean 6
Laurie Boschman 1 Pat Lafontaine 3       Gary Suter 4 Mike Palmateer 4
      Tony Tanti 2       Paul Coffey 3 Sean Burke 1
      John LeClair 1       Fred Boimistruck 2 Grant Fuhr 1
      Sergei Makarov 1       Tom Kurvers 1      


Center Left Wing Right Wing Defense Goaltender
Vincent Damphousse 111 Brian Bellows 106 John Chabot 92

Al MacInnis 89 Allan Bester 72
Barry Pederson 52 Steve Yzerman 62 Dennis Maruk 79 Don Sweeney 56

Ron Hextall 67
Kirk Muller 22 Nikolai Borschevsky 33 Petr Klima 16 Dave Ellett 29 Kelly Hrudey 44

Igor Larionov 15 Luc Robitaille 9 Peter Stastny 12 Dave Babych 21 Patrick Roy 20
Sergei Fedorov 13 Mario Tremblay 4 Brett Hull 8 James Patrick 6 John Vanbiesbrouck 13
Mike Ridley 2 Andy Brickley 2 Brendan Shanahan 5 Brian Leetch 3      
Anton Stastny 1       Jeremy Roenick 3 Petv Svoboda 3      
            Bill Guerin 1 Steve Konoyd 2      
                  Teppo Numminen 1      
                  Jim Benning 1      

Now that the starters have been announced, GM's Mike Smith of the Colorado Rockies and Jon Holowitz of the Hartford Whalers will select the reserves for the Campbell and Wales Conference respectively. The announcement of the full rosters for each conference will come in the next few days.


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